MontanaroDesign is a design studio created by the designer Simone Montanaro, graduated from Politecnico di Milano. MontanaroDesign deals with design and architecture projects.

Thanks to its team of internal and external collaborators, the studio creates products, installations, spaces and graphics ad hoc to satisfy the demands of clients. Using phisical and digital technologies, MontanaroDesign provides valid proposals to companies and privates.

Througthout the years the Studio has been acquired a strong capacity in problem solving and project development from concept to the final product.

MontanaroDesign has collaborated also with:

Feenbo, Lema, Serax, Vodafone, Tonelli design, Calligaris, Leucos, Modà, Omall, Antis Group, Arte Legno Landolfi, Politecnico di Milano, Tecnoplastica, Sammi Export.